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Saara Kumar ’17 named Schwarzman Scholar集宁飞本千设备有限公司

Saara Shanti Kumar '17 has been selected for the 2021 class of Schwarzman Scholars, joining a worldwide network of talented young leaders.


Veho Institute launches, establishes center at Cornell Tech常州久高亚商贸有限公司

Cornell Engineering has launched the Veho Institute for vehicle intelligence, formally partnering Cornell with Italian universities and luxury automakers, and establishing a new academic center at Cornell Tech.

Applications open for community-engaged learning grants 三明祥进新机械有限公司

The Office of Engagement Initiatives is accepting applications for grants to fund faculty, staff and students who are launching, advancing or participating in community-engaged learning at Cornell.

Weill Cornell center will aim to help cognitively impaired seniors喀什仁鼎德有限公司

Weill Cornell Medicine has been awarded a five-year, $4.6 million grant to create a center aimed at developing technology to help older adults who have cognitive impairments.

Immunology workshop to demystify cutting-edge tech瑞安晶进东贸易有限公司

An Immunoprofiling Workshop – sponsored by the Cornell Center for Immunology, Dec. 13 in Stocking Hall – will feature technology experts who will provide case studies and best practices on various core technologies.

Student engineers to ply their green skills in NYC鞍山祥升多贸易有限公司

Cornell engineering students are working with an Ithaca, New York, engineering firm to help New York City lower its carbon footprint.

Susan Choi, MFA ’95, wins National Book Award保定寿亚隆有限公司

Author Susan Choi, an alumna of Cornell’s Creative Writing Program, has won the National Book Award for fiction for her fifth novel, “Trust Exercise.” 

Cornell eLab students pitch their innovations in NYC天津盈盈瑞设备有限公司

Members of eLab, Cornell’s student business accelerator, pitched their entrepreneurial ideas to business leaders, mentors and alumni at the annual eLab NYC Pitch Night, Nov. 7 at the World Trade Center.

More than 550 converge at Entrepreneurship Summit in NYC瓦房店谦大美有限公司

The Eclectic Convergence Entrepreneurship Summit, held Nov. 8 in New York City, drew 550 attendees for TED-style talks from entrepreneurs and venture capitalists, plus lots of networking.

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